You’re making noise in your industry.

And if I had to guess, with all that momentum, you’ve been jotting notes, talking about or even starting to write your book.

You’re confident that the world needs to read what you have to say, but you have no idea how to get published.

You need a winning book proposal and the industry connections to make it happen.

Richelle Fredson
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Hi, I’m Richelle. Book Proposal Coach, Publishing Aficionado, Author Confidante and the funniest person I know!

I guide change-makers from book concept to proposal to publishing deals and beyond.

I’m at my best helping aspiring authors like you make a bigger impact by anchoring your story and amplifying your expertise so you can change lives and leave a legacy in print.

Let’s get down to (your book!) business:

Understanding the publishing industry can be…tough.

And with so much conflicting information out there (and a general lack of transparency), aspiring authors can’t navigate the industry with confidence.

I set out to change that.

As a Book Publishing Coach, I help authors create impactful stories and marketable books to reach their target audience…without the tears and ALL the know-how… plus a pretty spectacular Rolodex! (Yep, I said it. And, no, I’m not sorry I used the word Rolodex!)

how to begin writing a book
how to find a book agent

I’ve always loved the power of the written word to do good, to make change and to inspire.

It’s what led me to a 20+ year career in publishing.

As the former Director of Publicity & Book Marketing for Hay House, and part of the book acquisitions team, to the development and proposal work I do now, often as a first stop for the biggest agents in the industry—I’ve been on both sides of the deal. I’ve worked with some incredible authors including Farnoosh Torabi, Chrissy King, Jennifer Racioppi, Terri Cole, Jen Winston and more!

Long story short: I know what book publishers + agents want because I’ve been in on all aspects of the process—from concept to launch.

That’s why my mission is to take all I know and lift the veil on what it takes to get a book published.

Sound like someone you’ve been looking for? Let’s chat.

From Drums to Doughnuts to Book Deals … A Little More About Me

1. I can play the drums! I played every day for about 10 years! I got my first drum set when I was in 8th grade: 5 piece Pearl export series…

2. Cooking is my therapy. I love taking cooking courses in my spare time and experiment constantly in my own kitchen. Follow #cookingwithrichelle

3. Doughnuts are my love language. No cake doughnuts, just squishy yeast ones. Send me a doughnut and you’re forever on my good side.

4. Deals worth millions. I’ve sat on both sides of the table in publishing. Nothing brings me more joy than the success (read: millions in deals!) of my authors.

5. I am an NFL and fantasy football enthusiast. I’m the Commissioner of my family league and am the champion of quite a few others! It feeds my competitive side.


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