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For almost 20 years, Richelle Fredson—dubbed the “six-figure book coach”—has worn many hats within the book publishing industry and serves as a publishing guide, guest teacher, and marketing strategist for countless bestselling authors.

Now she works with aspiring authors to develop competitive book concepts, marketable book proposals and thriving online communities.

Each week on Bound + Determined she’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be an author today. We’re going in between the covers with authors, industry experts, and thought leaders to discuss how to both anchor your expertise AND amplify your story so you can share it with the world.

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Saying Tough Titties to the “Supposed To’s”
Laura Belgray

Saying Tough Titties to the “Supposed To’s” with Laura Belgray

In this conversation, we get into:

  • The struggle of being human (have we really “got this”?)
  • Learning who we are (and what we actually give a shit about)
  • Giving the finger to all the things we’re “supposed to do” in life 
  • and a deep dive into her writing and publishing process

Spoiler alert: Her book process wasn’t linear and SHE even got pushback on her platform.  Tune in to hear the dirty details about how this hilarious and raw coming-of-age essay book came to be.

P.S. Have I ever been more nervous writing an email? No. I mean, it’s literally about THE Queen of Email. How’d I do, Laura? 




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Vasavi Kumar

Saying Out Loud: Using Your Voice to Achieve Your Dreams
Vasavi Kumar

Through this poignant episode and her new book, she challenges us to:

  • Through this poignant episode and her new book, she challenges us to:
  • Look at the Intersection of creativity, mental health and self-talk.
  • Value our talents
  • Own our stories AND the ones we tell ourselves
  • Find the leaks in our creativity…and our life
  • Honor our evolution
  • Not water down our message

I hope you’ll tune into this episode and see where YOU can be Saying it Out Loud!




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Carrie Levine

Living a Beautiful, Whole, Messy Life
Carrie Levine

In this heartfelt episode, we talk about:

  • Prioritizing our needs as humans
  • Ways to make small changes to feel better
  • Lack of equitable access in the functional medicine space
  • Science vs mystery
  • Embracing our messy lives
  • Navigating insecurity during the book process

You don’t want to miss it! 

CW: Child Loss

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From Launch Day Forward...Keeping the Momentum Going
Richelle Frdson

In this episode Richelle covers:

• Thinking and strategizing about launch day forward
• Information to focus on keeping sales steady or looking to breathe new life into slumped sales

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Bringing Your Message to the Stage
Terri Trespicio

In this episode Richelle and Terri cover:

• Finding the hook (and many hooks) within your message
• The parallels between developing a book and a talk
• The permission Terri wants public speakers to take
• Terri’s method for creating a strong signature talk

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Build a Social Media Following Authentically + Effectively
Emily Lyman

In this episode Richelle and Emily cover:

• How to decide what platforms are best for you
• Our tips for engaging on social media
• What’s working to our advantage in social media right now
• How to navigate our fears around vulnerability

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