Building a community online isn’t easy. It takes time. And sometimes it takes a while to find your footing…deciding how much to show up…how much to share…finding your lane.

This week’s Bound + Determined guest built her online community by…listening. She’s no stranger to media, social media, and entertainment, but when she set out to start her own blog and business, letting the readers take the controls was the key to unlocking her success.

Natalie Thomas is a writer and contributor to The Today Show, HuffPo, Parents Magazine, The Bump, Motherly, Hey Mama and many more.

She’s a former editor and spokesperson of Us Weekly and she’s held positions at Talk Magazine, HarperCollins Publishers, Bertelsmann and The Hallmark Channel.

Natalie has planned book tours for Anthony Bourdain, book parties for Michael Crichton and Margaret Thatcher, stood on hundreds of red carpets, traveled the world, obtained exclusives, attended award shows, and stalked and interviewed too many celebrities to count!

AND, she was even nominated for an Emmy.


In 2014, after becoming a mother, she left her full-time career and started which began as a choose your own adventure blog. Since starting the blog, she’s been on too many national media outlets to list here, AND she’s created content for Tom’s, Disneyland, Serena & Lily, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Milk Bar, Drybar, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, H&M, and many more.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Her journey to build a platform that felt true to her
  • The burnout she experienced when first starting
  • How she balances blogging and writing a book
  • All she’s learned on her journey to becoming an author

Don’t miss this tell-all on building a strong and engaged community that could be the key to your successful book!


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