If there’s one thing that sends a shiver down most aspiring authors spine–it’s the word platform–and more specifically, social media.

You know you need it, but there’s a ton of reasons why you may hesitate from taking action.

For my clients, I’ve found that the mindset around platform building and social media is a major obstacle. If I can get my clients to understand that showing up is an act of service–and it’s about the person they can help as much as it is about them–I consider that a success.

But mindset is only one piece. How do we build a social media following that feels GOOD and authentic?

This week on Bound + Determined I’m chatting with Emily Lyman, CEO and Founder of Branch & Bramble, a digital marketing agency focused on helping authors and lifestyle brands craft new messaging and positioning rooted in values-based marketing that attracts life-long audiences.


We talk about:

  • How to decide what platforms are best for you
  • Our tips for engaging on social media
  • What’s working to our advantage in social media right now
  • How to navigate our fears around vulnerability
  • and more!

Don’t miss this episode–it’s a heartfelt call-to-action that may be exactly what you need!


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