The reason I nerd out and fan-girl over book proposals is because they are incredibly fun for me to create. At the core, it pulls in all my career and innate skills—from PR to Marketing, from acquisitions to writing–and that ol’ high school speech and debate class (I got an A+).

My Mom would tell you I could argue my way out of a paper bag. In fact, if there was anything I was getting in trouble for as a kid, it was “talking back”. I always had to have the last word. I had things to say.

A proposals job is to convince, right? See the connection? 🙂

Back when I worked within a publisher, I was part of 3 folks who made up the acquisitions team—getting the honor of reviewing proposals and making decisions on who we would meet with, and ultimately who we would publish.

That knowledge is what makes me such a good proposal coach for my clients!


This week on Bound + Determined, I take you behind the scenes into my process of reviewing book proposals from an acquisitions lens.

You’ll learn:
-The questions I asked before reading the first word
-What I wanted to see in the first 2 pages
-What most commonly gets missed
-and more…

Don’t miss this episode!

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