How to Unfollow Your Passion

Have you ever felt an immense amount of pressure to find your passion?

To chase your passion?

To harness your passion?

I could ask you that question in hundreds of different ways, but the focus on “attaining” passion is everywhere.

It’s exhausting. Terri Trespicio

What if I told you that the best thing you could do for yourself is to stop searching for your passion entirely? That’s what this week’s Bound + Determined podcast guest, Terri Trespicio, is going to tell us–in fact, she wrote a whole book about it.

In Unfollow Your Passion, Terri —whose TEDx talk has more than seven million views—skewers the platitudes, inverts conventional wisdom, and calls into question everything you think you need to succeed: passion (fun, but fleeting), plans (flimsy at best), and a bucket list (eye roll), to name a few.


On this episode, we discuss:

  • The joy in making it up as you go
  • Why we’re a culture that trades on labels
  • How to unsubscribe yourself + question everything
  • What it means to truly collaborate with your publisher
  • A real look at how great writing unfolds
  • Why a publisher is investing in YOU as much as your idea


Terri Trespicio is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor. A former magazine editor at Martha Stewart, her writing has been featured in Marie Claire, Jezebel, Business Insider, Oprah magazine, and others.

Don’t miss this episode full of laughter and real-talk–I think you’ll walk away with a new vision for a life that matters to you.



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