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I’m wiping my tears as I write this newsletter. No, I’m not chopping onions. Yes, I am a big ol’ baby. This week’s Bound + Determined podcast guest got me sniffling—and I even cried listening to the playback edit.

You may be tired of me telling you how much I LOVE what I do, but sorry, I’ll never stop saying it. I do NOT take this work lightly. My clients trust me with their work, their hearts, their stories, their vulnerable moments, and their fears—and I cherish that trust. I’m here as a guide right up until we can move from a handhold into a high-five.

That’s what this week’s episode does.

I’m sitting down with my former client Jannese Torres, host of the award-winning podcast Yo Quiero Dinero and author of the upcoming book Financially Lit. We chat about how aligned partners seamlessly moved her through the process, how she never had to “convince” anyone her idea or story was worthy, what it was like to go from proposal to manuscript (including adding a whole new chapter on love and money as she navigated a divorce during book writing), and so much more.

From the second Jannese appeared on my Zoom screen, I knew she was special. Her upcoming book, Financially Lit, is a testament to her journey, and I couldn’t be more excited to champion financial wealth and literacy for Latinas. We had a great time from start to finish, and in this episode, we break down everything she wants you to know about writing a book and what she wants women to know about wealth.

Don’t miss it!


Xx, Richelle

Jannese’s Book: Financially Lit

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