I’ve recently fallen down the rabbit hole of TikTok. I could easily lose two hours a night to watching people cook, hair tutorials, kids crafts–it’s endless.

But I also learn by watching and listening. I’ve actually integrated things I’ve learned during my seemingly mindless scrolling.

The Bound + Determined podcast is a great resource for learning and hearing from the many authors and experts who are on their author journey or have made it to the other side.

But this week, we’re doing something DIFFERENT!


I recently ran an Instagram contest where the winner had an opportunity to be live coached on the podcast. This was even more fun than I expected!

In this episode, you’ll hear me live coach Laura May around her struggles with vulnerability, showing up to build her platform, and her concerns around getting parts of her proposal JUST RIGHT.

We get REAL real on this episode. So much of what I set out to do on this show is to help you realize that you are not alone in your roadblocks, sticky emotions, self-doubt, over-thinking, you name it!

Tune in this week to hear my advice for Laura May, and I’ll bet you grab a little wisdom for yourself, too.


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