A moan. A sigh. A look of frustration.

I’ve seen it all when it comes to an aspiring non-fiction author realizing they need to write a book proposal to get a traditional book deal.

They feel it’s something they MUST DO. An annoying step or hurdle in the way of their big dream.

But the truth is, while an awesome book proposal IS your ticket for entry in the tradition publishing world (and often in hybrid, too!) there are enormous benefits to YOU! And the benefits can go far beyond your book efforts.


The book proposal process is intentional…and it takes a bit of time. It benefits you to give it your all. Aside from that, I thought it would be helpful to talk to you about the incredible benefits you will experience.

And that’s what I’ve done!

This week’s episode of Bound + Determined covers the many perks you’ll see in the proposal process!

Some of the benefits just may surprise you!

Can’t wait for you to check it out. Let me know what you think @RichelleFredson on Instagram or reply to this email.

I’d love to know what benefits YOU have found if you’ve already been through the proposal process!

And as a reminder, the Book Proposal Blueprint is open for enrollment! Sign up before 1/27 to get your $300 discount! Can’t wait to coach you!


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