How to Brand Yourself as an Author

Have you thought about how your home appears? No, not your actual residence–but your online home? Your website! The way we welcome people into our world is incredibly important. It’s how we get people to see our values, as well as sign up for our programs and offerings.

how to brand yourselfThis week on Bound + Determined, I chat with one of my best pals Michelle Garside of Soul Camp Creative. Michelle is responsible for creating the brands for Fortune 500 companies and New York Times bestselling authors, as well as first-time authors.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • What does branding mean in today’s market (and what do I need?!)
  • The importance of an author + business brand
  • How to weave your stories into your purpose
  • Things authors can be doing on their own to define their brand
  • The biggest missteps authors make when creating their brand


Soul Camp Creative is devoted to working with conscious companies and brands that are positively impacting the planet. Michelle & her companies have been featured in Oprah Magazine, Travel and Leisure, Fitness, Women’s Health and Good Morning America.



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