My favorite people to dine with are those who want to order a few different menu items and share. In many areas of my life I’m a completely decisive decision maker. When it comes to foodnot so much.

Breakfast and brunch in particular pose a challenge. I definitely want something sweet AND something savory. A habit my 4-year old is already picking up from mefor better or worse.

When it comes to writing, many of you may be called to write both fiction and non-fiction depending on how you feel in this creative moment. And I just love that about you.

This week on Bound + Determined we have our first fiction author!

Dana Killion grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin, reading Nancy Drew and dreaming of living surrounded by tall buildings. One day, frustrated that her favorite authors weren’t writing fast enough, a wild thought crossed her mind. “Maybe I could write a novel?”

And that’s just what she did!


Her first novel, Lies in High Places, published in 2017, kicked off the series. It was followed by The Last Lie (2018), Lies of Men (2019), and Tell Me a Lie (2020).

Now, Dana is working on her first memoir. A story born of a life in turmoil, a situation where the only way through was to write it.

So, for anyone who has interest in both fiction and non-fiction writing-this episode is for you!

We talk:

  • Writing and art as a creative outlet
  • Writing for yourself, even if you don’t publish
  • Shifting from fiction to memoir
  • Writing ritual
  • Planning and charting your writing and story lines
  • And so much more!

You don’t want to miss it! And I don’t know about you, but now I have a hankering for an omelet and pancakes.


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