If we can thank the pandemic years for anything, I think it’s a strengthening of community and a bright light that illuminated what really matters.

When I think back to the lockdowns in NYC and the 82 days (YEP!) that we rarely left our apartment (thankfully we had a terrace at the time, and a quick walk to a park), what I remember being so palpable is the way that people came together–strangers, neighbors we never met, store owners—everyone.

Anyone that lives in NYC or has visited, knows that entertainment, theater, music—well, it’s the cornerstone of the Big Apple. When everything shut down, you could feel the gaping hole.

Recently, I had the honor of sitting down with two very special guests that are featured on this week’s episode of Bound + Determined, to hear how they took tragedy and loss, and turned it into support and love, through a special project and book.


Amber Mundinger is the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategic Partnerships for Artists Den Entertainment, and is passionate about creative pursuits in the music and entertainment space.

Tamara Deike has been a fixture in the entertainment space for more than a decade, cutting her teeth at Om Records, overseeing more than 200 releases. A former Vice contributor, booking agent, artist manager, promoter, and DJ, her career has taken her from managing Rose McGowan during the MeToo movement, overseeing her #1 New York Times Bestseller; to creating her own agency, ACES HIGH where she develops brand experiences.

Both of my guests are the co-founders of Bring Music Home , the brand and project started in March of 2020 to document what was happening to live music venues, their owners and employees across the country, and globally, during the pandemic and moving into the future.

The Bring Music Home book is a time capsule of interviews and exclusive portraits from more than 375 renowned photographers, capturing iconic music venues and the personalities behind them in more than 30+ cities.

Learn how they took on this project in isolation, working in partnership with various artists to self-publish in less than a year in so they could give back to the many venue employees and owners in the music industry.

This is a heart-filled, passionate conversation and truly, how we can do incredible GOOD with our books.

Don’t miss it!



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