We spend a lot of time on the Bound + Determined podcast talking about strategy–for your book concept, proposal, platform and business.

But at the heart of it, writing is an art! Sure, publishing is a business, we need a strategy to meet the demands of the industry–but the creation, the ideation, the writing, is an art! 

This week on the Bound + Determined pod, we’re talking all about the art of creating a book, with my favorite person to sink into conversation with about craft–Suzanne Kingsbury.

Suzanne Kingsbury is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books have been translated widely abroad and optioned for film. She is the founder of Gateless Writing, Inc., a literary arts organization based on creative brain science and ancient Zen, offering writers a sanctuary, a worldwide network, and the resources they need to create manuscripts that move a crowd. 

Her writers have been repped by New York’s top literary agents and have gone on to be profiled by the biggest media outlets in the world.

In this episode, we discuss:

-why storytelling is the key to your book’s impact

-balancing the art of writing with the demands of the industry

-the biggest shifts we’ve seen in publishing

-the power of proper peer review

-how to reach the readers you desire


This nourishing and insightful episode will surely leave you energized around your writing for the year ahead.

Don’t miss it!


Xx, Richelle



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