Sometimes our publishing path takes longer than we ever expected. And in the moments that turn into days, that turn into weeks—even years—we have to both surrender and practice persistence. Sounds like an oxymoron, but that really is the balance.


If you are pushing endlessly—trying to find your agent, trying to find your publisher—even trying to finish your proposal or manuscript, I invite you to listen to this week’s Bound + Determined pod episode where I chat with Jessie Harrold, women’s mentor and doula, who has been supporting women through radical life transformations and other rites of passage for over a decade.


When I asked Jessie what theme she wanted to talk about for this podcast episode, she replied:


“HAHAHAHAHHA! Persistence?!”


While we laughed together at that response—it’s a real one!  It’s not always easy to stay connected to your big, bold vision when you are pounding the pavement of the publishing industry.


Tune in to hear all the ups and downs, and unorthodox ways Jessie moved through her publishing path to get a book deal for her upcoming book. (Spoiler alert: It took years)


So, if this is you, too, you are not alone.


This is a truly transparent conversation around costs, timing, strategy and more!


And when I asked Jessie how she was celebrating this achievement of landing her deal and publisher she candidly responded: “I’m celebrating by writing the damn book!!!”


Yes to that!


Don’t miss this episode!



Xx, Richelle



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