I was home in California visiting my parents last week and my Dad and I were having a conversation about business cards.  We used to put so much effort into the design, the weight of the cardstock, the quantity, the details.

Now, I couldn’t tell you where my old, dusty box of business cards is hiding.

These days, your website and social media are your digital resume–especially places like LinkedIn.

Truth be told, I pay a lot of attention to certain parts of my platform–like this newsletter, the Bound + Determined podcast, and Instagram. I really enjoy putting time and energy into it.

But recently, I realized I had been paying ZERO attention to LinkedIn. There was so much I didn’t know! It’s not just a place to find jobs and post your career track record. Turns out, you can show up on LinkedIn as a content creator–and I was missing out!

I’m a classic Leo (have you figured that out yet?!) and I don’t like being left out of anything. 

Enter: Miranda VonFricken, the LinkedIn fairy who helped me get my profile and content on track. 

Member of the Forbes Coaching Council, host of Albany’s LinkedIn Local, and Founder of LinkedIn Growth Academy, Miranda helps organizations of all sizes and entrepreneurs leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow their community and elevate their brand, online.


In this episode of Bound + Determined. We discuss:

  • What’s the real potential of LinkedIn
  • What makes a powerful profile
  • How to assess engagement on LinkedIn
  • What LinkedIn means for authors 
  • Tips for developing content
  • And so much more!

If you’re wondering how much focus to put on LinkedIn and how to make it effective for you–tune in to this episode!


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