The media world is constantly changing, and in order to cut through all the noise and get your book or business featured–you have to understand the ropes.

Yes, with changing industries comes cool new opportunities–MORE opportunity– but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to tap into it.

This week on Bound + Determined I chat with Meryl Moss, PR veteran of 29 years.

Meryl’s been amplifying emerging authors for almost three decades and while she prides herself on being ahead of the curve in how she supports authors, she’s also the first to admit that there is ONE thing about PR and media that never changes. Tune in to hear what it is and how you can get really good at it just like the PR Pros.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The most rewarding part of amplifying emerging authors
  • Meryl’s best advice for getting media BEFORE you have a book
  • How diverse + abundant media options provides opportunity
  • The timeline for properly launching a book with PR + Marketing
  • An unlikely success story of an 85 year-old first-time author

Meryl Moss is the founder of the Meryl Moss Media Group. For nearly 30 years they have helped authors turn their books into best sellers. In 2004, Meryl realized that the media was reducing their book coverage and it was getting more difficult to introduce emerging authors to readers.  With that in mind she created a community that features emerging authors from many different genres and provides an array of marketing programs to help authors establish their platform. 

Additionally, Meryl recently started SmartWorks Collaborative, a new marketing initiative for business authors who need more than just media to leverage their exposure and build their business.

As someone who shares a PR background with Meryl, I can say that helping writers gain visibility is a very cool job. Meryl takes us behind-the-scenes of how she grew in her industry and what she’s learned about media along the way.

I hope you’ll tune in!


  • SmartWorks Collaborative’s Website
  • Meryl Moss Media Group’s Website

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