Simple is best. Let it be easy. All mottos that I have always subscribed too. But sometimes when you’re in the weeds, and overwhelmed with to-do’s, that doesn’t feel like a possibility.

We mention “platform” on the Bound + Determined podcast alllllll the time. Why? Because it’s good for your business and it’s good for your future publishing deal. What we haven’t actually done is an episode which reveals my mindset around how to build your platform.

So, today is the day!

This week on the podcast I’m coming to you solo with my favorite ways to THINK about your platform (ready for a re-frame?) and the best ways to STRATEGIZE and move forward.


I’m breaking down:

  • Why publishers care about your platform
  • What publishers look for in your platform
  • Why platform is WAY more than social media
  • How to get started
  • How to not go bonkers in the process

I hope you’ll join me.

And P.S. The Book Proposal Blueprint 10 week comprehensive program is NOW open for enrollment. I’m so proud of this offering because I know how much it can help you. It’s jam-packed with decades of wisdom and a proven framework for creating a book proposal that will bring clarity to your writing,and attract agents and publishers to your book. Not to mention–it’s my most accessible offering yet!


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