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If you think that landing media opportunities is for “fancy” people, “other” people or “more established” people—think again! And if you’re worried that choosing hybrid publishing instead of traditional publishing reduces your chance of garnering publicity spots—definitely think again!

This week on Bound + Determined, I’m thrilled to be in conversation with Marissa Eigenbrood, the President of Smith Publicity, a PR agency that I deeply admire. At Smith Publicity, Marissa leads a passionate team that champions a diverse range of literary voices. From established publishers to innovative hybrid presses, from independently published debut authors to influential keynote speakers and industry luminaries, Smith Publicity is committed to amplifying the voices of all authors.

Marissa develops captivating book launches hand-in-hand with each author and her team while strategically guiding authors toward cultivating a robust and enduring presence in their respective fields.

In this candid conversation, we chat about:

  • The ideal timeline for book PR
  • What media is really looking for right now
  • How the media landscape has changed for authors
  • Why your book is the supporting character, not the main character

And so much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!


Xx, Richelle





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