How to start your own publishing company

I often see a theme come up with my clients–they experienced a hardship or a turning-point in their life, and they couldn’t find the book they needed for support and guidance in bookstores.

So–they’ve vowed to write ithow to build community

If we want to take that one, giant step further, we can look to this week’s Bound and Determined guest, Rebekah Borucki (or as people affectionately call her, “Bex”). When Bex couldn’t find a publishing company that was doing what she desired (and what the world needed)—she built it herself. Enter: Row House Publishing.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Bex’s journey through her first two books (there have been many more!)
  • Showing up in alignment with our true purpose
  • Writing while healing + working through resistance
  • Building your platform + community
  • Inequity in publishing
  • Row House Publisher’s mission


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