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“It’s the most WONDERFUL tiiiiiiiiiime of the year”–sings everyone but writers heading to be with family for the holidays.

Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

All kidding aside–this time of year can bring up a lot of feelings around unfinished projects, lengthy book journeys, and goals to make a career out of writing. When Aunt Edna, Cousin Bobby, and Mom Marilyn give the ol “Ohhhh you’re still working on that book hobby of yours?” it can be enough to send you screaming into a punch bowl.

Whether it’s tricky family, work events, or the slow down of the season–it’s an easy time to disconnect from our vision–and NOT in a good way.

In fact, my December theme for the Aspiring Authors Assembly was all about how to stay connected to your vision during the holidays, and it was so juicy, that I brought it to the podcast this week.

If you are looking for a quick pep talk (it’s only 10 minutes), packed with tools on how to navigate this sensitive time, AND still feel energized with your book projects–I hope you’ll tune in.

Wishing you all joy,


Xx, Richelle



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