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For many aspiring authors, a book is not just a standalone creation. It’s part of a larger ecosystem, a tool to grow their platform, secure speaking engagements, attract coaching clients, and most importantly, make a positive impact in the world. When looking at that larger ecosystem, group programs can be a powerful vehicle to amplify the impact of your book and bring your vision to life.

Group programs can both get fabulous intel FOR a book, and create an experience to promote a book long-term while building a community.

In fact, last year, I had a client whose agent asked them to run a group program using the proposed book’s material to gain a little additional insight; then, she would shop it to publishers. Group programs are powerful for you and your book’s impact!

When I created The Book Proposal Blueprint, I knew I didn’t want it to be entirely digital. The group sessions where we connect, get support, feel seen, and make progress are so important to the proposal’s success. Those group session days are my absolute favorite!

This week on Bound + Determined, I’m chatting with Kerry Dobson, a Group Program Architect who helps authors, established coaches, and experts craft and lead a signature group program that delivers real impact.

Kerry has created and led over 100 group programs and helped more than 200 people lead their own groups (including many authors or soon-to-be authors!) Her experience and graduate degree in Adult Learning have taught her the true power of groups.

When created and led well, groups ignite passion, create long-lasting and meaningful connections, and, through the support and accountability that comes with a group, results are almost guaranteed.

Tune in to hear her suggestions and things to avoid when considering launching a group program, and hear the ways it can benefit you as an author!


Xx, Richelle





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