So many great things start with a seed of an idea–from businesses, to life-changing inventions, to BOOKS! The challenge comes when you don’t know how to take it from a seed to a full-blown tree. 

That’s a huge part of why I started my Book Proposal Blueprint Program.  I was receiving countless emails and Instagram messages from folks who needed guidance on their publishing next steps. I knew I had to create something that nurtured people through their book idea creation and also armed them with a strategy that helped their work stand out. 

Over the course of four years, I’ve refined that program into what it is now–a 10-week comprehensive program to create a book proposal that’ll have agents begging to sign you & publishers eager to bring your book to life.

But beyond making it a digital offering, It was also important to me to share in thought-partnership with folks–because that’s where I really see the magic happen. 

Not only do Blueprint students get 10 weeks of video modules, but they also get 8 group sessions with me to get feedback, to discuss challenges, and even to share their screen to get support. 

I’ve fielded a lot of questions over the years about Book Proposal Blueprint, so I thought I’d bring the most asked questions (and concerns!) to the Bound + Determined podcast, because maybe you have them too!


Xx, Richelle

P.S. Enrollment is open NOW! Click here to learn more!




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