I spend a lot of time talking with my clients about choice–the decision to write a book, choosing who we work with, the action of choosing an agent and publisher–or even the choice to go a different route of publishing. 

It’s why each person has a unique publishing path.

Choice may be one of the greatest abilities we have. We all make decisions every day, sometimes without even realizing it. 

Understanding how we make choices and doing it consciously could unlock the life we really want, according to Stef Ziev, author of the new book The Choice is Yours: A Simple Approach to Live and Lead with More Joy, Ease and Purpose.

And Stef and I both agree–choice is also about personal responsibility–being an active participant in the way we move through life–personally and professionally!

For nearly two decades, Stef was an award-winning senior development executive in the entertainment industry. While serving as a vice president at The Oxygen Network, she developed and oversaw original movies and series for television, several of which won, and were nominated for, awards– including an Emmy.

Since starting her coaching practice in 2007, Stef has worked with thousands of successful and driven professionals, executives, and leaders at companies including The NewYork Times, Google, American Express, Viacom, NBCUniversal and more. 

On this week’s podcast episode we chat about:

  • What she learned about choice from the biggest rooms in Hollywood
  • Why we struggle with defaulting to autopilot 
  • Tools and Tips for being an active participant in your life
  • Her choice to publish with a hybrid publisher
  • What she learned on her publishing path

Tune in to learn what’s possible when we remember that the choice is ours!



Xx, Richelle






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