Perfectionism is my personal beast. 

In fact, last night as I was thinking about this newsletter, I laid in bed for a good hour thinking of which perfectionism story from my life I wanted to share to prove my point.  Each story that came to mind I vetoed and thought “that one’s not good enough.”

So, point proven. Joke’s on me…again.

When I think of the obstacles that have stood in my way as I moved through my career, my business, my podcast, my own book that I’m working on–perfectionism and comparison can absolutely be blamed. Jerks.

And, I know I’m not the only one.

I was asked on a podcast recently (shout out to Dina Scippa of Enough Labs) what I wanted to unlearn this year. I’m not going to spoil her podcast episode, but I will say, I began to examine things that have held me back over the years–things and thoughts I was ready to Iet go of. I also discovered all of them were relatively self-imposed. 

And not to say that self-imposed obstacles are less than–I actually find them to be much harder to navigate because they are rooted in deep story and emotion.


This week on Bound + Determined I’m coming to you with a quick solo to pose a question to you about obstacles and what we can do about them.


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