Have you ever been watching someone do something with such joy that it’s contagious?

A child on Christmas morning…

Authors unboxing their books for the first time…

An unlikely athlete winning the race…

When I think about “consuming joy”, I immediately think of Alejandra Ramos! I could watch her cook, show us her latest restaurant and fashion finds, for longer than I’d like to admit via her pure source of joy Instagram account @alwaysalejandra. She’s a perfect example of someone who is enjoying life…and has built a brand on it.

This week, I’m thrilled to bring her passion to you as my guest on Bound + Determined.

Alejandra is a television host, TODAY Show contributor, chef, and writer. As a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, her Latina heritage proudly informs her work, providing an authentic perspective across platforms. 

Alejandra’s joyful approach to food can be seen regularly on NBC’s TODAY Show, where she serves as a Contributor, and coming this Summer, as Host of the new PBS series, The Great American Recipe.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Food, obviously!
  • Bringing your full self to your platforms
  • How authentic personality bring business opportunities
  • Cultivating confidence
  • Using your platform as an act of service
  • Bringing all of your “too much” to the table

Plus, Alejandra gets a mystery package delivered during our interview–tune in to learn what it is!

Alejandra is a believer in using her platform and resources to help others rise, making it her mission to promote diversity and authentic representation in all aspects of her work. 

If you want to see your platform in a fresh, new way–check out this episode to see what’s possible! 


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