Networking to Grow Your Platform

If there’s one thing I’m pretty confident is stressing you out about the book publishing process, it’s the platform. It’s certainly the piece that makes my clients go “EEEEEEEK!” I get it. It can feel daunting.

Your platform isn’t just important to agents and publishers, it’s important for your overall business, coaching practice, and more. The truth is, platform building is far more organic than most people think. You need to show up and teach, or create conversation. You need to be consistent about what you’re doing. But, most importantly, you need to build relationships. And I’m not just talking about with your followers…

In this week’s episode of Bound + Determined I’m joined by TWO special guests who give us a deep-dive into how to attract your ideal readers, clients and followers–and how to translate that into platform growth.

how to attract your ideal reader


Allison Davis is a sales trainer and coach who ignites growth in small business owners and mission-driven organizations. With 20 years of sales experience, Allison’s contributions have elevated the revenue of companies like National Geographic and Time Out North America.


book target audience

Michelle Warner has over 15 years experience growing small businesses. It’s the way she grew her first business to over 7 figures, and it’s what she’s used to help more than 300 CEO’s create businesses that work for them. She’s also the creator of Networking That Pays, the introvert-friendly, always awkward-free connection system that brings meaningful connections to your business – in 5 minutes a day.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • The 1st step someone should take when growing their platform
  • How to overcome self-doubt when putting yourself out there
  • How to borrow audiences to grow your own platform
  • Daily actions to take to attract the right followers, readers + clients
  • Conscious networking
  • Finding our value and offering our services


This episode also includes two high-value, generous trainings from Allison and Michelle. Listen in to get details on what they have to support you.



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