If there’s one question I get asked by authors ALL the time, it’s “how much of my story do I need to tell? How open do I actually need to be?”

The answer, of course, is highly dependent on the type of book you’re writing. But, I would also argue that there’s a huge benefit to showing up as fully as you can, no matter the genre of your book.

Vulnerability is truly the superpower of great writers.

But going to the scary places to write our truth can be incredibly hard—though the reward so sweet. Because with truth and transparency comes connection with our readers, real community, and impact.


If you’ve heard me teach…ever…whether on the podcast, in this newsletter, Instagram, etc. you’ve heard me talk about the phenomenon of every author wanting to mention the book Untamed in their book proposals since the day it came out in March 2020.

Why such a ground swell? Why the impact?

Because Glennon was FIERCE in her truth. The dark, the ugly, the celebratory—and everything in between. You didn’t read it and say “Meh, she’s just telling us the highlight reel…this is lacking substance and truth.”


You screenshotted about 30 different pages and sent them to friends, sisters, co-workers, as a universal “F-Yeah!”

Because that is what happens when we reach into our soul and pull out the truth–no matter the pain, no matter the reception to it—we do it because it needs to come out of us, and we know somebody else needs that same permission.

On this week’s episode of Bound + Determined, I’m talking you through 3 Reasons to Show Up Fully in Your Writing (aka Going to the Scary Places).

But I won’t leave it there, You’ll hear the pay-offs too.

I hope you’ll listen in!


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