what your platform has the potential to be a pep talk

Whenever I begin something new, I overcomplicate it.

For example, when I first imagined creating the Book Proposal Blueprint digital program, I had an exhaustive list of all the things that had to be in place before I began.

  • New computer camera
  • Teleprompter and script
  • Maybe even a studio to shoot in
  • If shooting at home, a screen behind me so people didn’t see the edge of my bed in my “bedroom office”
  • New tops for each video to look “fresh”
  • 9,000 course assets

And so on…

Then I spoke with a friend and former client, Sam Vander Wielen, who has a LOT more experience than me at launching courses, and she said:

“Richelle, forget all that shit. Sit down in front of your laptop and hit record. You have all the information in your head already. And these videos? They aren’t going to be hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. Just begin”

I laughed because she hit the nail on the head. I was overcomplicating it for three reasons:

  1. I expected perfection out of the gate
  2. I thought I had to “appear” a certain way
  3. I kept adding the “needs” to my list because I was afraid to begin

So, I took her advice. I sat down and got over the fact that the edge of my bed was in the shot, hit record, and the rest is history. We’ve had over 100 students move through that program without a complaint about my shirts or the bed. And a teleprompter? Please. Who did I think I was? Diane Sawyer?

In my experience, many people do the same thing with their platforms: They overcomplicate it, want to “appear” a certain way, and get so overwhelmed they don’t begin.

This week on Bound + Determined, I’m giving you a pep talk on what your platform has the potential to be if you just begin…

Listen here!



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Xx, Richelle



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