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OK, well…you didn’t directly make me cry–but thinking of you got me weepy.

Today we celebrate our 100th episode of the Bound + Determined podcast! 

This has been such an incredible ride that truly wouldn’t be a fraction of the joy without all of you. I LIVE for the emails, notes and reviews where you’ve shared with me the episodes that have resonated and lit a fire in you. You’ve shared your appreciation for the ones that made YOU cry. The ones that made you feel less alone in this winding book process.

They mean so much to me. YOU mean so much to me.

From discussing her book about body liberation with Chrissy King, and how to build a side hustle and grow your platform with Jannese Torres, to industry insider information with Hachette/GCP Balance editor Hannah Robinson, and literary agents Wendy Sherman, Steve Troha, Jan Baumer, Johanna Castillo and more–the mission of this show has ALWAYS been to bring you behind the scenes of the publishing industry so you can navigate it with confidence.

We gave a lot of thought to what we wanted to do for this milestone episode. We wanted it to be both fun and helpful, celebratory and introspective–and I think we hit the nail on the head, if I do say so myself.

Our 100th episode flips the script, quite literally. 

We’ve rewound all the way back to episode #1 with our very first guest, Jennifer Racioppi, and now she is interviewing ME!

That’s right, this week on Bound + Determined, I’m the guest.

Buckle up because Jenn gets both witty and deep–and you’ll learn about my greatest fear when it came to starting this podcast, as well as some publishing truths, as always. This is unfiltered.

That’s why we’ve titled this episode “100 Episodes: Looking at Expectations & Realities in Publishing”. We get into all the expectations I’ve had, my clients have had, you have had–and the realities and truths that sit beyond them.

The truth also brought tears. Sure, I could have edited them out–but the moment was so real, we had to keep it in.  So be sure to tune in to hear what made me reach for the tissues! 

If you’d like to REALLY join in the celebration of this 100th episode, I would LOVE to invite you to rate and review the show on Apple podcasts. It would be a true gift to me, and so helpful in getting this podcast into more ears that need it.

I want to thank you so much for your support of the Bound + Determined podcast–you really do make it so much fun.

I hope you’ll tune in to this special episode.


Xx, Richelle





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