how to self publish

You’ve heard me say it before, but it’s worth repeating: There’s no ONE right way to publish a book. It’s a personal choice that is dependent on many factors–like platform, your business, speaking, timelines and more.

how to self publish on amazon

This week on Bound + Determined we’re talking all things self-publishing! I’m taking a deep dive into the DIY world with Emily Benson, self-published author of The Ultimate Boutique Handbook with her second book, The Retail Mindset on the way this Fall!


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Creating a book that serves your community
  • The prep + planning to successfully self-publish
  • What Emily learned between book 1 + 2
  • Where to invest in support to get a professional product
  • How to focus your book when you have a lot to say
  • Accepting and owning your expertise


Emily Benson helps entrepreneurs create a business they can’t wait to wake up to every morning. Her boutique, The Fashion Truck, disrupted the retail world in 2011. The Ultimate Boutique Handbook, her first self-published book, was an Amazon Bestseller. She’s expected to publish her second book, The Retail Mindset, in 2021. Emily details her experience of being a self-published author and shares some necessary tips for new authors.


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