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If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I think I’d like to be able to beam myself to any location with the snap of my fingers. It would sure save me on airfare—which is astronomical right now, by the way.

If you answered “ to see into the future,” then I’ve got something good for you!

While I can’t give you a crystal ball, I can provide priceless insights and tips from someone who is much further along the book-writing path. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Keishin Armstrong for the Bound + Determined podcast, and WHOA, you’re in for a treat!

Jennifer is currently writing her NINTH book, which means…she’s learned A LOT. And now she’s sharing it with you.

Jennifer’s writing takes readers behind the scenes of major moments in pop culture history and examines the lasting impact that our favorite TV shows, music, and movies have on our society and psyches. She investigates why pop culture matters deeply, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Seinfeld, to Sex and the City and Mean Girls, to Beyoncé, Taylor, and Barbie. She has written eight books, including the New York Times bestseller Seinfeldia, When Women Invented Television, Sex and the City and Us, and So Fetch.

Jennifer began her career in newspapers and spent ten years on staff at Entertainment Weekly, where she reported from the front lines of Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, Lost, and many teen dramas. Her writing has since appeared in BBC Culture, New York magazine, Billboard, and many other places. She currently curates and writes the Peabody Finds newsletter, featuring recommendations and media history, from the prestigious Peabody Awards in broadcasting. She also speaks and frequently serves as a media expert on pop culture history. Her own newsletter, Culture Trip, explores the intersections between pop culture, spirituality, and politics, with a dose of psychedelics.

Don’t miss this conversation where we break down the anxieties of publishing a book, what still surprises her, how she decides what to write next, and her thoughts on the bestseller list.

BONUS: You’ll learn my go-to karaoke song

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Xx, Richelle

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