Finding Wonder in the Creative Process

As we inch closer to the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on how I lived the last 300 or so days. Did I do enough or too much of the meaningful work that I love? Have I experienced enough joy? Have I taken care of my heart and mind?How to keep experimenting in life

You may remember my Bound + Determined episode a few weeks ago with Terri Trespicio, all about the programming we have around “chasing passion”and why we should ditch the notion.

This week, we take a look at passion vs. curiosity vs. wonder.

For years, Jeffrey Davis has researched, interviewed, and worked with luminaries across cultures and professions to answer the questions:

What if I yearn for more meaning and connection in my life? 

What stands in the gap between busyness and a life filled with cherished moments? 

Jeffrey has identified a single universal experience that opens us to creative awakening across all walks of life, and it’s called wonder.


On this week’s episode of Bound + Determined, we discuss:

  • Defining and understanding the science of wonder
  • How wonder serves writers AND impacts our global communities
  • How to keep experimenting in life
  • The process of distilling your ideas into book form
  • How to practically include wonder in your life

Jeffrey Davis is an author, team culture consultant, educator, and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s inspired thousands of change-makers, leaders, and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation, and wonder.

He writes for Psychology Today and has spoken at numerous conferences and universities on the intersection of creativity, work, and human flourishing. Ultimately, he challenges people not to give up on their ideas and dreams.



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