There’s something about writing for change that really makes my heart sing. I think it’s likely why I’ve focused so much of my career on books that have the power to really change our minds, open our hearts, and teach us something powerful.

The day this week’s Bound + Determined podcast guest walked into my life was no different. I KNEW I had to help her bring her mission-driven book to life.

Michelle Madrid is a life coach, high impact speaker, and author currently writing Let Us Be Greater: Reframing the 8 Points of Pain Adoptees Have the Power to Overcome, releasing in 2023 with New World Library.

After 12 years as a TV news anchor, with a #1 show and Emmy nomination to boot, she walked away from her news career to create real change in the lives of women and distill decades of life-experience into guiding women toward a life that electrifies them.

In my first conversation with Michelle, she shared with me her story of being an International Adoptee, and all that she’s endured over the years. She was ready to turn her experience, her passion, and her coaching methods into a book that would help adoptees everywhere find a home within themselves and the world.

And that’s exactly what we did!


In this week’s episode we chat about:

  • Surrender as a sign of great strength
  • Writing with BIG purpose and mission
  • Revealing yourself in your book
  • Finding the intention of your book
  • Learning to trust in your process

And so much more! If you know your book will bear your heart and soul–this episode is for you!

AND AHEM AHEM… P.S. You’ll definitely want to check out this episode because I make a BIG announcement you won’t want to miss!


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