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One of the things I love most about being in my 40s, is that my group text chains with friends and other moms are hilarious. There’s something about being this age where you give very few f*cks, and are willing to say and share things just as they are.

No filter, no glamorizing–just pure honest truth.

If I were to look at all these text chains and pull out one central theme, it’s that we are going going going so fast, day after day, that sometimes we don’t feel like we’re IN our own lives. 

Sure, there’s the occasional trip, or dinner out with the spouse or friends, but so many days look the same. 

Some of these friends have gone to far away places to sit at the feet of gurus, stay in ashrams, seek the wisdom of others to shake up their life–to welcome an awakening. Some have turned to things that hurt instead of help–substances, dangerous experiences camouflaging as a thrill, overscheduling, and eventual burnout. 

In a way, everyone is looking for a little bit of something that either brings them joy or peace–whatever they need in that moment.

My client Catherine Duncan knows this intimately. Faced with death a number of times herself, and declaring to LIVE her life fully, she knew she needed to hold that vision and teach others. Eventually she became a chaplain and integrative spiritual consultant, holding the tender hearts of people in despair. She realized that the awakenings we seek could actually happen regularly, and without extreme measures–or facing death.

This week on Bound + Determined, I chat with Catherine about her new book Everyday Awakening: Five Practices for Living Fully, Feeling Deeply and Coming into Your Heart and Soul.

In this episode, she helps us answer the question: What does it mean to be alive?

She’ll also share her experience of writing her manuscript BEFORE the book proposal, and her choice to go the hybrid publishing route.

Don’t miss it!

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