If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 19 years in the book industry, it’s that so much of the growth in the book writing process is in the journey–not the destination. There are so many gifts in the process–even when it feels hard.

We experience growth and expansion in SO MANY WAYS. It impacts the way we work, the way we live, the way we show up in the world, the way we show up on our platforms. EVERYTHING.

This week, I have two Bound + Determined superstars, Graci Harkema and Vasavi Kumar, back on the show to fill us in on all that’s happened since they finished their book proposal, and how the journey has impacted them.

What I really love about this conversation (outside of all the laughs), is that Graci and Vasavi chose two different publishing routes, so you’ll get to hear about their choices, experiences, struggles, and wisdom.


We talk:

  • How the book process affected their platform + work
  • Confidence and validity during the book process
  • Letting go of control
  • Lessons learned from beginning to end
  • How the book process changes our own beliefs
  • Choosing your route of publishing

I’m so happy to be able to announce that both guests now have books coming out in 2023!

Graci’s book Rising: From a Mud Hut to the Boardroom—and Back Again is coming out with Page Two, and Vasavi’s book Say it Out Loud: Using the Power of Your Voice to Listen to Your Deepest Thoughts and Courageously Pursue Your Dreams is coming out with New World Library.

Graci Harkema is a multi-award winning, international diversity, equity & inclusion speaker and consultant. She specializes in implicit bias and inclusive leadership training with Fortune 500 to small businesses, within various industries. Graci is recognized as a two-time ‘40 Under Forty Business Leader of West Michigan’, two-time ‘200 Most Powerful Business Leaders of West Michigan’, and one of the ’50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan’ by the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Vasavi Kumar has helped thousands of women overcome major life obstacles to create new heights of success.  Her work is known internationally from speaking engagements in India and across the US. She’s a licensed therapist,mindset coach and business strategist. On top of all this, Vasavi is the host of the Say It Outloud with Vasavi podcast.

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