I like to juggle–not actual balls or apples or anything–though what a cool talent.  I juggle life. For the last 20 years I’ve told people “if I don’t have a million metaphorical balls in the air, I don’t know who I am”… I thrive under pressure.

But, when I’m working creatively– that chaos does NOT serve me.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the way to get my new, creative ideas to come to fruition is to get support. I need help. I need minds different from mine.

And, the book process is no different.

Would you be shocked to hear that 50% of non-fiction bestsellers have ghostwriters or co-writers? Because that’s the truth.

The majority of the bestselling authors I’ve worked with over the past two decades have invested in SOME sort of support in editors, writers and ghostwriters.

That type of support can look A LOT of different ways–but my goal for you is to know that it’s available to you– and it’s not admitting defeat. Thought partnership in your book process is crucial.

This week on Bound + Determined we’re lifting the veil on the role of a ghostwriter with the fabulous Wyndham Wood. As a two-time New York Times best-selling ghostwriter in health & wellness, Wyndham has written numerous successful titles about trauma, addiction, mindset, meditation, women’s health, empowerment, astrology, and more. She is especially passionate about using storytelling to convey complex information in ways that compel and inspire readers.


We discuss:

  • What a ghostwriter does 
  • How co-writers, editors and ghostwriters support authors
  • How to know if working with a ghostwriter is for you
  • How to be creative under pressure 
  • Why saying a book is your “baby” may not serve you
  • What Wyndham wishes more authors knew

If you have a feeling you’ll need some support getting your book written–this episode is for you. There’s so much wisdom in this episode from an incredible industry veteran. Don’t miss it!


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