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If I had to guess (and I have a hunch because of the many of you who also follow me on Instagram), in addition to wanting to write a book, you’re also wanting to grow a thriving business.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, online business owner or entrepreneur, there’s some pretty mixed messaging out in the world.

Some people will tell you to hustle your way to success, some will tell you the laptop lifestyle will just help you manifest success, some people will tell you it takes years of trial and error, and others will tell you that with their quick tips you’ll be there in no time.

But what if the key was simply to be intentional with our time? Looking at the ROI of our time investments?

This week on the Bound + Determined podcast I’m talking with Frenchie Ferenczi, a business strategist and advisor for overwhelmed (but seriously ambitious) experts and creatives.

She helps online business owners do the right work at the right time so they can stay on the path to consistent revenue growth. From having sold out launches to spending more time with their kids, she empowers her clients to achieve their biggest business goals without falling victim to the business grind.

In this episode we talk about:
-some of the easy mistakes business owners make
-determining the right time to add a big project (like a book!)
-her method for discovering where to put your time and energy
-intentional marketing
-and so much more…

If you are looking for revenue growth (and more presence in your life) in 2024, don’t miss this episode!


Xx, Richelle



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