what is Hybrid Publishing

A few weeks ago I aired an episode of the Bound + Determined podcast about hybrid publishing (with the wonderful Jesse Finkelstein of Page Two). And WHOA your responses were THROUGH THE ROOF!  Turns out, you love to know all your options for publishing–and that works out perfectly because it’s my mission to inform you. what is a hybrid book publisher

So on the heels of that episode, I’m bringing you another powerful conversation on hybrid publishing with an experienced and thoughtful voice in the industry.

Naren Aryal is the CEO of Amplify Publishing and Mascot Books, and advises authors, thought leaders, and organizations on the opportunities and challenges that exist in the evolving world of publishing. Today, Amplify Publishing is a leading nonfiction imprint specializing in “big ideas” from business and political leaders, and Mascot Books publishes hundreds of books across all genres.


In this episode, we cover:

  • What thought leaders need to publish successfully
  • Advice for writers in their early stages
  • Predictions for publishing over the upcoming decade
  • How to test your book ideas
  • Traditional vs Hybrid breakdown
  • How to help your book stand out in the market
  • How to identify if a hybrid publisher is right for you (and legit!)

I invite you to check out this episode to learn more about this publishing pathway and what you can be doing to determine if it’s the right fit for you!


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