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If there’s one phrase I hear the most, day in and day out, it’s NO. Oh wait, that’s in my home life, usually shouted by the 5 year old.

In my work with authors, it’s Imposter Syndrome.

It shows up in a lot of sneaky ways like:

-Who am I to do this?

-I’m not as qualified as others writing on this topic

-What I want to teach is already being done by someone else

-I don’t think anyone will care about my story

-I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m going to be found out

And so on…

It’s real. It’s a real, human emotion which NOBODY gets to dodge. 

So how do we recognize it before it swallows us whole? How do we combat it? How ddo we still go after our big, bold dreams when it pops up?

For this big of a conversation, I needed our resident therapist, Kristen Boice. You’ve heard her on episodes around rejection and sense of self. Now, she’s breaking down everything we need to know (and make peace with) when it comes to imposter syndrome.

You asked for this episode, and Kristen delivers!

Kristen is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as well as a trained EMDR clinician. She’s passionate about inspiring us to get on the path of becoming more self-aware, and acknowledging who we most want to be.

She specializes in improving self-worth, helping people create deeper emotional connections and healthier relationships, and heal trauma. Most importantly, she instills hope by helping people create possibilities and develop a sense of inner peace.

If you’ve suffered from imposter syndrome (come on…we know you have), THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!


Xx, Richelle




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