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Have you ever had an experience where you were introduced to a complete stranger but knew immediately you’d be fast friends?

That’s exactly how I came to meet this week’s Bound + Determined podcast guest, Stacy Ennis.

Stacy and I met at Farnoosh Torabi’s launch event for A Healthy State of Panic and connected immediately on all matters of publishing. I truly believe in the adage “it takes a village”, and that is certainly true for creating books.

Stacy is a bestselling author, coach, and speaker on a mission to help leaders clarify their ideas and harness their unique story to make an impact. Along with being the founder of Nonfiction Book School, an accelerated author program, her background includes ghostwriting for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and leading as executive editor of Sam’s Club’s Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication that reached around 11 million readers.

Her best-selling book, co-written with Ron Price, is Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact. She’s also the host of Beyond Better​, a podcast that explores how to create a business and life you love.

In this episode, we dive deep into our experience of working with authors on both book proposals and manuscripts, what we wish more writers knew, and some things about publishing that drive us nuts. You’ll also hear about how Stacy runs a location independent business and is raising her family in Portugal!

Don’t miss this episode between two publishing experts who share a lot of ideals and love nothing more than supporting all of you!


Xx, Richelle



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