Carrie Levine

Carrie Levine

What does it mean to be whole? 

That’s the question Carrie Levine, certified nurse midwife and an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, asks in the opening of her new book Whole Woman Health: A Guide to Creating Wellness For Any Age and Stage.

Based on the folks I know–I think we struggle to answer that question in a definitive way. So, we got into a deep conversation about what’s happening in women’s very real, very messy lives on this new episode of Bound + Determined.

And for anyone dealing with real upheaval in their life–we speak to caring for ourselves in those moments, too. Because that’s when we need it most.

In addition to teaching us ways to care for ourselves better, Carrie also lets us in on her journey to authorship and the experience of bringing her first book to life.


In this heartfelt episode we talk about:

  • Prioritizing our needs as humans
  • Ways to make small changes to feel better
  • Lack of equitable access in the functional medicine space
  • Science vs mystery
  • Embracing our messy lives
  • Navigating insecurity during the book process

You don’t want to miss it! 

CW: Child Loss



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