Maintaining Your Vision No Matter the Roadblocks

Nothing in life is linear.  And while I can think of so many endeavors that are an absolute rollercoaster, the one close to my heart and deep in my soul, is that of creating books.

Planning for, writing and launching a book is an absolute rebirth, and on my debut episode of Bound + Determined with Richelle Fredson Podcast, Jennifer Racippi, certified Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach, astrologer, and author of Cosmic Health, explores the myriad of emotions, challenges and blessings that come into play on a book journey.

In Episode 1 we share a passionate conversation on how to never let life’s roadblocks prevent you from fulfilling your vision–books included!


You’ll learn:

  • Traditional publishing expectations
  • The support team behind the author
  • How to surrender to the process
  • Honoring your emotions as a writer
  • The importance of a platform in publishing

Jennifer Racioppi is a certified Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach, a holistic health counselor, a Positive Psychology coach, and an astrologer. Her popular private practice often has a waitlist due to high demand. Her first book,Cosmic Health was released in January 2021.


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