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One of my favorite parts of doing the Bound + Determined podcast is being in conversation with incredible experts, who can help us all—and bring that wisdom to you.

We covered grief around the holidays in an episode a few weeks ago, and now, we’re going to take another deep emotional and supportive dive—this time into loneliness.

Around the holidays or not, loneliness can strike us all. Whether it’s feeling separate from the crowd, “not enough”, or a yearning for more fulfilling relationships— loneliness can be looked at through a clinical lens so we can find tools to work on it.


This week, I’m chatting with Dr. Sylvia to get all the tips we need—especially during this time.

Dr. Sylvia is a therapist, speaker, storyteller, and mental health advocate—and she was also a member of my Book Proposal Blueprint program last year!

Her playful, transparent and deeply vulnerable work centered around destigmatizing loneliness and helping others grow through their obstacles has helped countless people around the world.

Dr. Sylvia hosts The Dr. Sylvia K Show Podcast, creates empowering social media content @drsylviak, and works with clients through group coaching and therapy services.

And, it’s probably not surprising to anyone reading this—but she’s working on her first book about loneliness—hooray! We need it!

You’ll learn:
• How she’s navigated the book proposal process
• How she looks at her book journey differently a year later
• A beautiful invitation for you to look into your own roots with loneliness
• How to show yourself compassion

Don’t miss this episode!


P.S. As a reminder, we’ve got news coming in the new year around the Book Proposal Blueprint Program—make sure you’re on the waitlist to learn more:


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