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Have you ever felt nervous to share your opinion on something? Yeah, me too.

That’s what happened when I released a blog a few weeks ago. Even though the opinion was well-researched and one I’ve held for 20 years– and I’ve seen it proven over and over and over again–it still had me nervous.

That’s why I knew I needed to share it.

And in this case, it was an opinion that would bring YOU relief—extra reason to share it.

I’m talking about my blog on my opinions around the bestseller list. It’s a touchy subject because so many people desire it deeply.  Well, I wrote it anyway and it’s been my most-read piece of writing EVER (according to Google Analytics).

It struck a chord…or a nerve. You decide–because this week, I brought it to the Bound + Determined podcast. So, if you didn’t get a chance to read the blog, or you prefer to hear this pep-talk from my mouth to your ears—it’s there for you!


Xx, Richelle



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