Let’s be honest–writing one book is a feat. I applaud everyone who goes through this process because it really is an achievement.

So many authors reach the end of their first book and swear they’ll never do it again. But, they usually do. Like childbirth, the more time passes, the more you forget the pain.

We learn so much about ourselves through this process. It’s an incredible growth opportunity.

Can you imagine the wisdom that comes from a person who is on their FOURTH book, all through traditional publishers? That’s what I’m excited to share this week on Bound + Determined.

And the kicker is that our guest doesn’t have a GINORMOUS platform–but like many of you, she’s got her feet on the ground doing the work day in and day out–and her expertise is featured in each of her books.


I’m thrilled to share my conversation with Ana Homayoun, founder of Silicon Valley-based Green Ivy Educational Consulting, a consulting firm that helps students, parents and educators with executive functioning skills, including organization, time-management, and overall wellness.

She is the author of three acclaimed books: That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week, The Myth of the Perfect Girl, and, most recently, Social Media Wellness. She is currently writing her 4th book, which will be published with Hachette in 2023.

We uncover her biggest lesson as she hands in her manuscript for her latest book, and how she’s changed her writing and process over the years, including her secret for scheduling her writing time.

Additionally, if you have school-aged children–this is an important listen. Ana shares her wisdom on reframing education and where we can really be supporting our kids.

Don’t miss it!


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