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If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

I’m too much

I’m not talented enough

I’m too sensitive

(the list could go on)

Then, keep reading,

What if our thoughts, words, and feelings are all we are? What if we actually become it?  

This is the poignant question Katie Horwitch asks in her new book Want Your Self: Shift Your Self-Talk and Unearth the Strength in Who You Were All Along.

We’re all guilty of it–especially in the creative process! We belittle ourselves, what we know and what we have to share. We’re stuck in a loop.

In this week’s episode of Bound + Determined, Katie shares with us her process for finding, being and staying your Self, no matter what.

She talks about why she deliberately put a space in between Your Self in her book title, and helps us to see why we need to kick habits like “casual negativity”.

And as always, you’ll hear about how she views her book journey and what took her by surprise. 

Katie Horwitch is a nationally recognized writer, speaker, mindset coach, and activist who has spent over a decade working to shift the cultural self-talk paradigm.

She is the founder of the multimedia platform WANT: Women Against Negative Talk and the host of The WANTcast: The Women Against Negative Talk Podcast, which gives you tips, tools, motivation and inspiration to shift your self-talk patterns.

Katie has been featured by SXSW, Lululemon, The Cut, mindbodygreen, Livestrong and more, has coached some of the most prominent brands and leaders on building confidence and creating impact, and has been praised by CNN as a “woman empowering others around the world.” She believes that shifting your self-talk is an essential part of shaping the world you actually want to live in—and is more important now than ever before. 

I hope you’ll tune in!




Xx, Richelle






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