book writing process

What comes up for you when I ask:

Why youhow to write a book

Why are you the one to write this book?

My guess is that it feels uncomfy. When people are faced with..well…facing THEMSELVES, it can be triggering. I get it – nobody is immune.

The reason why we’re talking about the WHY YOU this week, is because it’s part of the 3 questions you need to answer to write a great book proposal and book.


If you’ve been here for a while, you know the first 2 questions:

What’s the Problem?

What’s the Solution?

Now, why did I feel the WHY YOU needed a podcast episode? Because I see time and time again, especially on consult calls, how a person is paralyzed with trying to figure out why they are the best person to write their book.

In this quick solo episode, we’re talking about your sense of self and how important it is to your book process–especially if you’re writing a book with the intention of teaching or serving others.

It’s a 10 minute listen, but it’s crucial to your book process.

AND, this is a double whammy week!

After recording the solo, I thought it would be important to have a professional weigh in–so on Wednesday, I’m releasing another episode where Kristen Boice, MA, LMFT talks about where self-awareness begins, how to get back to ourselves, and how it impacts your creative process.

I’ll remind you Wednesday of that episode, but listen to today’s as a set-up to WHY it matters for your book.


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