how to be a confident book writer

There you are, pouring your heart out–wondering:

how to have confidence in your writing

 Have I said too much? 

Will I be misunderstood? 

Will they like me? 

What do I even want? 

Am I worthy of this?

Oh God, am I TOO MUCH?

It all feels…vulnerable. 

Am I talking about dating or writing? BOTH.

This week on the Bound + Determined podcast we chat with Lily Womble, founder of Date Brazen, about what writing and dating have in common–and how to build our confidence around both!

Whether you’re single or already with someone–there’s gems in this episode for everyone. 


We discuss:

  • Navigating a business while being a writer
  • Honoring leaps in our professional and personal lives
  • Why high-achieving women often need the most date coaching
  • Harnessing the confidence to show up and thrive online
  • How frameworks in your business can be reflected in your book
  • Permission to show up in your boldness
  • And so much more!


Lily is the founder of Date Brazen and with her unique coaching strategy she’s helped hundreds of women around the world build a clear path to the best relationship of their lives.

She’s currently on a mission to infuse the dating space with her feminist, unconventional approach to relationships and self-care. Her work has been featured by ABC News, Instyle Magazine, O Magazine, Bustle, Huffpost and more. 

Don’t miss this powerful episode.  We laugh, we tear up a bit, we get tactical, and I bet we’ll even inspire you…

Tune in!


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