This is an exciting time to be in publishing because there’s so much choice and opportunity to make the process your own. Where once, your only options were to traditionally publish or self-publish, we now have a third option which, depending on your goals, could be a great pathway to explore!

The rise in hybrid publishing has opened doors for folks who may desire a process that fits their time, creative and business needs  

But who is this process right for?

In this week’s podcast I chat with Maggie Langrick, CEO and Publisher of Wonderwell Press on why she’s so passionate about her business and who they are looking to support.  

Wonderwell publishes nonfiction books that help, heal and inspire, in categories ranging from psychology and health, personal development, spirituality and motivational memoirs, to business and personal finance. 

We also chat about:

  • How to spot a reputable hybrid publisher and avoid scams
  • The tricky side of the New York Times list
  • Calling card books (the ones quickly done as an asset for your business)
  • The thought-partnership that goes into publishing books
  • Her thoughts on platform and hybrid publishing

Maggie is also a writer, public speaker, media entrepreneur,  host of The Selfish Gift podcast, and creator of The Underwire, a weekly newsletter publication on Substack. She is a former member of the Board of Directors at IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association. 

I hope you’ll tune in!


Xx, Richelle




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