Striking a Balance with Literary Agent Stephanie Tade

If you’ve been dreaming about getting your book published, then you’ve likely spent some time thinking about finding the right literary agent. And at the beginning that can feel daunting. how to get a literary agent

What are they looking for?

What do I need to be keeping in mind?

What’s the best way to stand out?

The whole literary agent process has a bit of mystique to it. So today, we’re going deep into this process with the amazing Stephanie Tade of Stephanie Tade Agency.

I’ve worked with Stephanie for years and she’s an incredible agent. I find that her diverse background and experience, beliefs, strategic thinking and enormous heart make her one of the very best out there. And you’ll hear how we both share a love for the “chase”…it’s why we do what we do!

Join us as we learn what brought Stephanie to the publishing world, what she loves about her job, how she balances it all (remember, agents are human too!) and how YOU can stand out in the publishing market.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Finding balance during the publishing process
  • How Stephanie chooses her book projects
  • Biggest proposal turn-offs
  • Shifts in the publishing industry
  • The power of vulnerability
  • The most common myths she busts for authors


Stephanie Tade is the President and Principal Agent at The Stephanie Tade Literary Agency. Motivated by an earnest desire to work with books that will benefit individuals and communities, globally– She has been fortunate to represent and help to build many NYT bestselling authors, In this impactful episode Stephanie shares with Richelle how she has created a way to find a balance between her professional and personal life during her successful career.


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